Success Stories

Working out with Julie at Fitkix Coaching has been fantastic! I’m based in Milwaukee, so we workout via Zoom and she is also very responsive with quick nutrition or fitness questions throughout the week. Julie is great at keeping every session interesting, different and works at a level that meets where I’m at in my fitness journey and provides great nutritional guidance. Her positive, kind and motivational attitude is so refreshing; it’s evident she really cares and is invested in her clients’ all around health and wellness. 
– Alyssa C.

Julie is an amazing partner in my fitness and wellness journey! I’ve been working with Julie for nearly 10 years, through different health goals including pre-pregnancy, maternity workouts, and postpartum workouts. She is the best when it comes to tailoring a program and specific workouts to my goals and to how I’m feeling on a particular day. And, with the changes in 2020 for my kids and school, Julie started working virtually each week with both of my kids (ages 11 and 7), so they can have an opportunity to move and have some physical activity. It has been the *best* for them! They look forward to their one-on-one time with Julie, my oldest is gaining strength, balance and flexibility, and my youngest loves to learn new ways he can move his body. I can’t say enough great things about Julie, her expertise and knowledge, and how much she truly cares about each of her clients!
– Ashley M.

“I began my Pilates journey two years ago. This is where I met the most incredible instructor Julie. As a beginner, she influenced me to condition my body by practicing everyday. Julie always encourages me to push myself to the next level. She is very passionate about Pilates. If you are looking for a new and exciting challenge I highly recommend taking Julie’s classes.”
– Ewa L.

“I started taking health coaching sessions with Julie after I was tired of not losing weight on my own. I was depressed, tired and hopeless but wanted to give a coach a try. Since I have been working with Julie I feel more energized, I am no longer depressed I am losing weight and I keep hitting my milestones! Thank you Julie!”
– Sarah T.

“I took her meditation class, & I loved her. She was so sweet & caring and really has a passion for what she’s teaching. Always wants you to get the best out of what you’re doing. Really relaxing class, focus on breathing and using different chakras. If you’re under a lot of stress she’s the perfect teacher to help you balance life.”
– Melissa 

“Julie is a phenomenal fitness instructor and coach. Her classes are so much fun and help you reach your fitness goals without leaving you exhausted. As someone with a fused spine, I was nervous about taking a workout class. Julie put my mind at ease and is easily able to come up with modified stretches and positions. I feel great after every class and always look forward to the next one.”
– Lauren J. 

“I started taking reformer Pilates classes at a local studio and was lucky enough to take classes with Julie! Fast forward to the summer of COVID and Julie started doing an online Mat Pilates class that focused on the CORE. She wanted to make sure I was strong enough when the studio opened back up so I wouldn’t skip a beat in my reformer classes! I had no idea how essential a strong core is until I came back to the studio and started taking my more advanced class…and I was STRONGER than when I was when the studio shut down! I was blown away! Her classes are creative, have great cueing and make you STRONG! If you are looking to up your game in some other fitness area, take a Mat Pilates class!”
Natalie S.